[Sample] Tor hosting request

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[Sample] Tor hosting request

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To simplify things a bit, here is a sample Tor hosting request. You can use this as a template if you want to use Tor hosting:

Project/website needs Tor hosting.

Your message:
For my website, project XYZ (wordpress, MyBB, phpBB or a static website) I need Tor hosting.
Desired domain type: random onion domain or generated onion domain

Other: XXXXX

The request should look like this, or something similar. There is no claim of fulfillment, it means that the project can be rejected.

To enable hosting I need your mail address (no throwaway address!) and your name. These things are only stored on this server and will not be shared! They are used to create a user account in the administration software Keyhelp. If you have any questions about this, please contact me.